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From the dusty and sweaty juke joints of the South, to the brawling south Texas bar rooms, to the Cathedral dwellings sometimes just down the road from these establishments, Rosco Johnny incorporates all of the sounds from these places in their music. They are a new trio bringing you music in a new way, yet keeping the important history of where their sound has come from.

They bring you “Texas Folk with a Shot of Country” by way of their powerful, interweaving harmonies and infectious stage presence. Tiffany’s ethereal voice floating in and out of Justin’s soothing baritone voice, and Morgan’s dynamic tenor sums up the powerful sound that represents their music accompanied by acoustic guitars, banjo, upright bass, loops and fiddles.

Players like Buddy Miller, Matt Slocum (Sixpence None The Richer), Steve Hindalong (The Choir), Andy Leftwich (Ricky Scaggs), Brennan Smiley (The Technicolors), and Jeff Taylor (Elvis Costello, Vince Gill), this family trio consisting of Justin Philip Brooks, Tiffany Brooks, and Morgan Taylor transport the listener to the familiar comfort of the front porches and deep woods of their roots. Beginning as a vehicle to provide backing vocals to Justin’s initial solo career, they discovered something special in their harmonies and took on the name, “Rosco Johnny” after Tiffany and Morgan’s grandfather, who professed his love for his wife, his God, his country music, and his harmonica until his dying day.




They have released their debut EP “In Trio” on Southern Skye Records, playing shows all over Texas and staples of the Sofar Sounds community of artists. Hooking up with Grammy-nominated producer, Billy Smiley (Johnny Cash, Clay Aiken, WhiteHeart, Steven Curtis Chapman) in Nashville this summer, the collaboration blossomed, and it became clear that a new era for the band had emerged with new songs and a new sound.

“Bag Full Of Stones” takes the listener through a portrait of past regrets, seeing that forgiveness and reconciliation are the cure when a relationship has been fractured. The swampy “Trouble In The Water” wrestles with the all-consuming feeling of envy that creeps its way into one’s mind. “White Wine And Roses” closes the EP with a hopeful note of staying together even when it’s hard.

Justin and Tiffany sum up their family band dynamic like this: "We strive for a constant awareness that when we say we are a “family band', we don't mean only us three. Many in our family have worked hard and made sacrifices for Rosco Johnny to become a reality, and that includes our team of friends that have helped us immeasurably along the way. It takes a village and as we go out and share what we have all worked so hard for, we hope it makes everyone proud." With their 1st single “Trouble in the Water” to their 2nd release which has 3 incredible singles to listen to, “A Thousand More To Go”, “Lullabye”, and “Neches River”, they are on their way to making a name for themselves in the community of vintage artists like Chris Stapleton, Kacey Musgraves, The Civil Wars, Midland, and Lucas Nelson. Be ready to receive In Trio 3, In Trio Christmas, and In Trio 4 coming in 2020- 2021. Morgan states, “We are so excited to be on this journey together, making music with my sister and brother in law. We love the folks surrounding us and growing the music and making people think, respond to the music we are making.” Look for the caravan of Rosco Johnny at a circus, honky tonk, church, cathedral, or festival stage near you!

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