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Verse 1

When by grief all my joy is stolen

and the sureness of my footsteps fail

Then I lift my weary eyes to heaven

to find my help within the gale


Verse 2

When I fly aimless like the raven

Never finding solace from my toil

Let me be like the ark’s white dove

Returning home on solid soil



And when the darkness is all around me

when the storms come I will trust in You

Rock of Ages, be my anchor

For I shall not be moved


Verse 3

When I don’t feel your loving arms around me

and when my faith is shaken to the core

Then you speak with a voice so tender

Child, come home I’m waiting at the shore



My faith will hold; you’re my loving Father

I shall not be moved

Just like the tree planted by the water

I shall not be moved

(c) 2023 Elgie Street Music (ASCAP)

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