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Verse 1

I'll sit outside your door

Dodging your questions but asking for more

Oh my my how I feel like a fraud

Being a coward and blaming it on God



Finding our way through the dark dark days

By the grace of the melody of speaking your name

All of those things that I wish I had not done

Torture the silence of all I've become


I've tried to repent and I've tried to pretend

I've walked down a road where the sidewalk ends

We've got plenty of sin

but we're reaching in

Our bag full of stones to throw


Verse 2

My nerve was a stranger I did not know 

A search in the night by the light of a phone

There is a reaping that will not yield 

I hear the sickle blade slicing the field






Verse 3

Our shoes shaking hands with the path underneath 

No other sound but our shufflin feet

Your hand takes the liberty of putting it in mine

Got me a feeling we'll be just fine



(c) 2020 Elgie Street Music (ASCAP)

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